Timeless black: why do black shoes go with everything?

Often during shopping, people have a hard time choosing the color of the shoes they are going to buy. Most people choose black because they think that black goes with all colors and that it is an all-purpose color. That is to say, black is suitable for all situations and it goes with almost all colors. The black shoes, they seem to suit all your outfits, no matter the place, the event that you go, it passes without worry.


As all colors have meanings, then black also has meanings. Black is a color that can symbolize death, grief and sadness. But it can also mean good things like elegance, sobriety, simplicity, seriousness and rigor. People in high places often wear this color for this reason. You can see this during the meetings of politicians, their tuxedos and shoes are black. In this circumstance, black represents more authority and power. But it is undeniable that black can be worn in any situation, for example during funerals, weddings (for men's tuxedos), etc. All things black also always look more classy and refined. Even when dressed casually with jogging suits for example, you can wear black sneakers.


Black always seems to be in fashion, as it is used frequently whether it is during ceremonies like funerals or weddings, etc. Many of the uniforms or work outfits are black, for example most of the servants' uniforms, the bodyguards' suits and the politicians' tuxedos. Indeed this color takes a very big place during very formal meetings, because many people wear black during this kind of meeting. Especially for shoes, no matter what the occasion is, black shoes will always go with all the other colors you are going to wear, because black goes with all colors. So if you have a hard time deciding on colors, you can always choose black, because it will make you look classy, sophisticated and elegant at the same time.


Even though black goes with all colors, you should know that sometimes your skin tone might not go well with black so you have to be careful. To find out if black goes well with your skin tone, you need to put on black clothes and look at yourself in the mirror, or you can ask someone you know for their opinion. But if you wear black shoes, you have an advantage, because black shoes do not get dirty easily, which is why many people prefer black shoes. The models of shoes depend on the occasion and your preference. For example, for very formal occasions, black pumps will make you look attractive and sophisticated. For men, the richelieus or derbies will suit them or they can wear black loafers. If you play sports, black sneakers or tennis shoes will suit you perfectly. Your shoes will not get dirty easily and your outfit will always match your shoes. You can choose just one model with black color and you will see the result.
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