How to give shoes to a man

You had the idea to give a man a new pair of shoes. It's a brilliant idea you had, but there are some things to consider beforehand: you can't just get the first pair in the right size that you imagine will fit him. This article is here to help you find the right shoe for your child.


Is the recipient of the gift the sporty type? Does he like to go to the gym after work, or go running on weekends? A pair of men's sneakers is surely a good idea then. But be careful not to give him just any pair of sneakers that would pass you by! The shoes will not be the same depending on the type of sport he practices. If he practices an indoor sport, choose a pair with a sole that will provide the comfort and stability necessary for the excessive use of his feet. To go running, the watchword is again comfort. Don't expect your child to be able to run for miles in sneakers that he's not comfortable in! Choose thick soles that will better distribute the shock of the shoes with each stride. Consider visiting the jef chaussures website to browse a selection of men's shoes, including pairs of sneakers for different sports uses. If you have the time to find out beforehand, subtly or not, you can find out about his stride type. If you know whether the future owner of the shoes has a universal, pronator or supinator stride, you can inquire about getting shoes that can slightly correct a stride defect. This type of shoe is best suited for runners who repeat strides over the long term. The practicality of sneakers lies in the comfort they offer. A pair of sneakers can even become a pair of shoes for every day.


Finally, sport may not be the factor to consider in your search. After all, a man can't have enough pairs of dress shoes, can he? Whether it's for work, or just to have a pair for casual outings or predefined dress-code parties. If you take leather shoes, there are factors to consider. In terms of color, a classic pair is either black or leather. The rule of thumb is that a man should wear black shoes with black or gray suits, and brown shoes with navy blue suits. If you know what color suits the future owner of the shoes wears, this is your chance to choose the color immediately. You also have to choose whether you want to take a pair of shoes with round toes or pointed toes. Pointed toes show more finesse and elegance and are the luxury men's shoes reserved for the best dressed parties with the most selective dress code. The round toes are found on shoes that are reserved for less prestigious occasions, to accompany the work suit for example. Some men's shoe brands offer vegan alternatives in vegetable leather. If you want to offer city shoes, but do not make as much dress as leather shoes, you can fall back on pairs of moccasins. Currently in fashion, these shoes will give their owner a "street chic" and casual look, without being vulgar. Another alternative is a pair of boots. This pair will be particularly appreciated in winter and can even, depending on the model, give a biker look to their owner.


A pair of men's shoes, sneakers or dress shoes, is already a great gift. But if you complete this gift with care accessories, you also offer the lucky owner the keys to the longevity of his new pair of shoes. In the essentials, if the feet of the future owner are between two sizes, you must get insoles to add in the shoe so that his feet are sufficiently wedged in the shoes. Some brands of sneakers provide an extra pair of laces when you buy them, as the ones already on the shoes can get damaged in the long run because of friction by tightening the shoe, or by simply tying the shoes. For long term maintenance, you can get a waterproofing solution that you spray directly on the shoes. This solution will protect the pair of shoes from the weather and even from dust. A must-have accessory is the stiff bristle brush to clean the underside of the sole where dirt and other unwanted particles can sometimes get stuck. The soft bristle brush will allow you to brush the top of the shoe without damaging the fragile elements of the shoe. For leather shoes, don't forget to take shoe polish, usually sold with the sponge to spread it. A small detail that is very important, shoe polishes are different depending on the color of the shoe: do not offer a shoe polish for black shoes with a pair of brown shoes.
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