Spring look and floral dress: what are the perfect shoes for a light style?

When the weather is warm, light clothes are very trendy, but you have to know how to combine them with the right pair of shoes. It takes a good imagination and a successful combination to have an attractive and careful final redue despite the fact that it is light. But what are the perfect shoes for a light style? What are the perfect combinations to look chic and light at the same time?


Sandals are very light and they leave your feet bare so they let them breathe. They will be perfect with floral dresses, because sandals will bring out the beauty of your feet. There are, in fact, many types of sandals; like flip-flops (sandals with 2 straps that form a V or a Y), sandalettes (they are sandals with thin straps), flip-flops (they are sandals that have just a simple strap of vamp), etc. But you can choose the type of sandal you want to wear according to your style and color choice. Sandals will work for you as well if you wear shorts or pants, not just for light dresses. Ballet flats are very famous for their comfort and in addition they are very light too so they will be perfect for warm weather. Ballerinas go with everything, but you just have to match the colors of your outfits and your ballerinas.


High heels will make you look very attractive, as they will elongate your figure and make your legs look longer. If you like light dresses then high heels will suit you well too. For example, you can wear mules or high-heeled sandals with your floral dresses. This kind of look will make you look rather feminine and sensual. But if you are leaning towards pumps and espadrilles then you can wear those too. You should know that high-heeled shoes go well with almost all types of clothes and especially dresses. But you should know that the perfect model for you depends on your morphology. If, for example, you have rather large feet, then it is preferable that you wear pumps so as not to show your toes and your feet will seem smaller.


If you want to have a detached or cool look, you can opt for sneakers or derbies. Although they are not really light shoes, they are quite trendy during spring and summer. This kind of shoes will also give you a sporty look and if you don't like to expose your feet then these shoes are ideal for you. But you should also know that tennis shoes can also go with your floral dresses so you don't have to wear sandals. In fact, sneakers can make your look stand out if you wear light outfits. For derbies, you can wear them with light pants. They're not really the perfect style for summer, but you can wear them if you want. Then you'll have that little touch of elegance and splendor at the same time. The important thing is to match your outfits with your shoes and combine colors well, because that's what will enhance your look and your figure. Don't forget to choose according to your desire, expectation and comfort.
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