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Shoes and women live a specific and quite special love story. No woman escapes this relationship, whether she is active or cocooning. Currently, there are models of shoes that are more trendy and fashionable. Women can wear them according to the seasons (winter, summer, etc.), or practices (fashion, trends, etc.). However, there are models of shoes that are always in trend. Among these, there are ballerinas, boots, espadrilles and moccasins for women.


Espadrilles are known for their "timelessness" because they have a more reliable value. Moreover, these shoes adapt to all styles of clothing and fashion (urban, casual, etc.). In particular, espadrilles are very suitable for the summer climate and relatively hot. In terms of health, espadrilles are generally designed with natural and organic materials by nature. Among these, it can be cotton, rubber, rubber, linen or silk. This quality is particularly healthy for the skin and, in general, the feet of the person who wears them. Again, given this quality advantage, espadrilles are more ecological and compatible with environmental protection. To get models of shoes very fashionable and so chic, you can access the site


Boots are shoes that are higher and fit the ankle of the person who wears them. They are boots that have a height that aligns with the ankle or, at most, the calf. These shoes can be fastened with an elastic band, with a pull tab, with a button or with a lace. The boots can be presented in two distinct aspects depending on their height and size. Indeed, among these, there are the long boots that are very suitable for slim pants because they can better emphasize the curves. The best is to ensure that part of the boot is not under your jeans. This allows you to refine and better "style" you, while choosing a jean type 7/8. Then come the models of "short boots" which are an ideal shoe model to accompany a dress or a short skirt. They also go well with a sweater dress. You can even wear them with more sexy outfits to have a more authentic and specifically more original touch.


Ballerinas are still in their heyday in terms of fashion and trend. More specifically, the neo-ballerinas are even in their great splendor in this regard. This shoe model is constantly showing new ranges more chic and glamorous. As an example, there is the pointed ballerina model that appeared in 2014. Not to mention the laced ballerinas, the strapped ballerinas, the heeled ballerinas and the pointed type ballerinas. The advantage of ballerinas lies in the fact that they are very practical, comfortable and suitable for all clothing styles. Ballerinas are compatible with all kinds of outfits, especially if you wear a pleated skirt or mom jeans.


This type of footwear that emanates from the Indian aspirations of America is largely more discreet than other shoes. The ancestors of moccasins were invented by a Canadian tribe called "Algonquin". It is the basic shoe model par excellence, while remaining in conformity with the trends of the current era. In most cases, moccasins are made of leather and can be presented in different colors. These leathers can be replaced by fabrics imitating animal skins. The moccasins have a wide range of models of various shoes. Among these, there are for example the more casual moccasins. Like ballerinas, these are flatter shoes and very favorable and comfortable for everyday use. They can have metal buckles, tassels, laces or bangs. Loafers can be combined with several types of clothing (skirts, dress, shorts, 7/8 pants, slim jeans, etc.). There are also wedge and heeled loafers. In order to get out of the habit and to lengthen the legs, you can wear loafers with high heels and / or wedges. It is very practical to gain more height, and this, in a more original way largely more authentic. This will affirm your style and your look more personalized. The kind of heeled loafers can be presented in several aspects (models without buckles, ornamented and laced loafers, etc.).
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