What shoes to wear when you are too tall?

Sure, there are various styles of shoes, but when you are very tall, you need to know the shoe styles that enhance your tallness. The choice of your shoes is essential, because it will bring out your look.


In general, very tall women no longer need to wear high-heeled shoes to show off their legs, let alone to elongate their already remarkable figures. If you are a tall person then flat shoes will suit you well, as they won't make you look even taller and you will also feel comfortable with them. For example ballerinas, they are generally known for their comfort and their diversity in design and colors, you will have plenty of choice. Sandals are known for their lightness and they are also very varied. They allow the feet to breathe well, because they cover the feet little. But there are still other models, so choose according to your style and your silhouette!


First of all, you should know that there are different types of boots. The rompers are boots that reach up to the calves. They not only cover your legs, they also accentuate its length. So if you are tall then your long legs will be well enhanced if you wear knee pads. You have to choose well the outfit you are going to wear, so that the outfit combined with the kneepads will enhance your tallness. The boots will also highlight your long legs, because they do not cover them so people will see the length of your legs. Thigh-high boots are boots that come up to your thighs and they will also enhance your appearance if you are very tall, because the thigh-high boots will follow the shape of your legs. Waders will make you look sexy and attractive. But as always, you should go for the flats because they won't make you look high all the time because of your tall height. So, lean a little more towards flat boots to bring out the beauty of your physique and for you to have some comfort.


Certainly, most models who are all very tall often wear high heels. But it should be noted that wearing high heels all the time is not always a pleasure! Indeed, if you wear high heels often, you will end up getting tired and increase the risk of falling, because you have to lean more on the tips of your feet and heels. Besides, high heels will make you look even longer and you will always draw attention to yourself. Therefore, high heels are not really suitable for tall women. Yet if you really love to wear high heels, then you should opt for the square heels, you will be able to lean well on your heels and thus avoid heaviness. For the length of the heels, it is better for tall people to choose the medium heels. Medium heels will not wear you out more than high heels and they will not lengthen your figure too much. When shopping, take these tips into account and adapt them to your taste to make your figure stand out.
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