What shoes should I wear to minimize large feet?

Big feet can be hidden and mitigated by shoes. We will see the models of shoes that will hide big feet. On the other hand, there are also shoes not to wear and shoes that reduce big feet.


If you are still a teenager or still developing, you can prevent your feet from growing even more. Indeed it is advisable to follow some tips to prevent your feet from growing. The important thing is that you don't give your feet too much room to grow faster. For example, you can always wear tennis shoes, sneakers, boots, but the goal is to keep your feet in the kind of shoes that will prevent them from growing. This way, you will always have the same size. You should avoid wearing sandals or other models that will let your feet grow. If you are already an adult then it is on the models of shoes that you must pay attention, that is to say your shoes must make your feet look small.


If you have big feet, you should avoid light sandals. Sandals show your feet because they cover a little bit of your feet. But if you really want to wear them, then it's best that you wear sandals with wide and numerous straps. You should also avoid flat shoes like ballet flats because they will show the length of your feet. You should avoid wearing shoes that are close in color to your skin tone. It is better that you opt for colors that are darker than your skin tone because darker colors help your feet to look thinner or smaller. You should also avoid wearing shoes with pointed toes because they will give more length to your feet.


Heeled shoes are adequate to enhance a woman's chic appearance. Thus, your feet will look smaller with high heels. For heels, it is better that you choose thick or wedge heels rather than stilettos because you can feel more comfortable and avoid the heaviness of the shoes. Boots with heels (medium or high), boots and ankle boots are among the best choices because they will cover your feet. Round boots are more practical and comfortable while shoes with pointed toes will give more length to your feet.  So round toed shoes and shoes that hide your toes are the most chosen. Shoes with lots of decoration also hide large feet well because all the small decorations will serve as a distraction. Indeed if your shoes are very decorated for example by flowers or bows in bright colors, people's eyes will focus more on the decorations of your shoes than on the size of your feet. So if you like to wear shoes with a lot of decorations then you can wear them at your parties with friends but still don't wear something too visible. If their color is not dark because it will attract people to stare at your shoes for a long time and will see the size of your feet.
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