Business travel: choose stylish shoes to work all day

Your choice of footwear has a huge impact on your appearance, especially if you are going to a job interview. If you are already in the professional world then your outfit and shoe choices will influence the image your colleagues have of you. To make the right choice in shoes, you need to know how to adapt the colors and models according to the situation. When it comes to the working world, showing seriousness and sobriety is crucial. All this can be noticed from the clothes and shoes you wear.


The colors you wear should make you look professional. The most common color used in the work world is black. Indeed, black has become like a standard, because many uniforms are black. In addition, black goes well with all other colors so it will be easier for you to choose your outfits. Otherwise, all dark colors are always a good choice. Indeed, dark colors give the illusion that you are a slimmer person. For example if you have big feet then dark colored shoes will make them look smaller as long as the color is darker than your skin tone. On the other hand, flashy colors are not suitable for the working world, as these colors will make you look too detached and carefree. This may give a bad image of you.


As always, the great classics are suitable for the professional world. First of all loafers, they make you look more elegant and chic especially if they are made of leather. Leather is a very expensive material and if you wear it then it will make you look super chic. Then there are the richelieus and derbies, which are timeless and go well with suits or tuxedos. It is usually men, who hold higher roles in society, who often wear this kind of shoes. Richlieus and derbies are very classic shoes and if you wear them for work then you will be seen as a serious person and ready to work. But if your work doesn't require very formal outfits then, the classic style sneakers and boat shoes will also go with your outfit. This kind of shoes will make you feel comfortable and at ease.


The biggest classic for women is the pump with heels (not too high). Certainly the pumps, especially in black color, make women sublime, sensual and a little sexy. It is usually women in high positions who wear pumps, but since pumps are classics, most women wear them to work. But you have to admit that wearing heels all day is not really comfortable. So flat ballet flats will also give you chic and charm. Ballet flats are very comfortable. If your job requires you to go from one end to the other then ballerinas are made for you. On the other hand if you love boots and want to wear boots to work then you can choose ankle boots and booties. They are not very remarkable like thigh-high boots and knee-high boots, they are quite discreet and they will give you class and make you glamorous and elegant.
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