Weekend at the beach: what shoes to wear by the sea in summer?

In this article, there are tips to help you choose the shoes you can wear at the beach during your weekends or vacations. It is crucial to choose your shoes well when you go to the beach so that you are comfortable and at ease. Sandals are best, but then the question arises: what type of sandals are right for you?


The flip-flop is a lightweight sandal. It is one of the perfect shoes to go to the seaside or to go to the pool. There are flip-flops with heels and flip-flops without heels, but it is better to wear flip-flops without heels to go to the beach, because walking with heels on the sand is not an easy thing. The flip-flop is often made of rubber and has two straps, which form a V or Y, attached to the sole. It separates the big toe from the rest of the toes of the foot. It is a beach shoe, because it covers the feet little and therefore lets them dry quickly. It also lets your feet sweat freely so it will keep you comfortable. Flip-flops are made for everyone, because they come in all sizes, all colors and especially all styles. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can wear flip flops when you go for a walk with the dog or when you go shopping. That is of course, if you are comfortable with bare feet.


Tap shoes are very light sandals. They do not have heels and there is just a simple strap of vamp. Unlike flip-flops, they do not separate the big toe from the rest of the toes of the foot. Flip-flops are beach and pool shoes because they let your feet sweat and they are very comfortable. But you can also use them as bathroom shoes when you are at home. If you don't like the V or Y shape of the straps, then you can opt for the flip-flops. They can be used as shoes for the pool. When you go to the pool, sandals will also be ideal for you.


Sandalettes are also lightweight sandals that have few straps. There are sandalettes with heels and sandalettes without heels. But it is better to wear sandals without heels for the beach, because the heels will bother you with the sand, etc. They expose your feet so they are perfect for walks by the sea. In sandals, your feet dry easily and they can sweat too, because when you are at the beach, it is very hot so your feet will need to ventilate. The straps of the sandals are open which will give more comfort for your feet. Just like the others, they can also be used at home. All these shoes are nude and they will fit you well if you want to go to the beach. They differ by their shapes and materials, but there is also the price so you can choose according to your purchasing power. But also, choose according to your taste, according to your style. Choose the one that gives you the most comfort and the one that makes you feel comfortable.
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