Ski trip: I want boots that keep warm!

It is important to know that not all shoes can keep you warm during a ski trip. Indeed, the snow can freeze your feet if you do not wear the right shoes. What boots will keep your feet from freezing? What are the things you need to know when buying boots for a ski trip? Because, there are shoes that are better suited for this kind of place. There are reasons why some shoes keep you warmer than others.


Indeed, the shoes that are equipped with furs, keep you warm. However, the amount of fur in your shoes must be well balanced. If there are too many furs then your shoes will be too hot and sweaty. On the other hand, if there are few furs then you will still feel the cold and your feet will still freeze despite the presence of the furs. Furs actually prevent air from entering your shoes and protect your feet from very cold drafts. When you go to buy your boots for the ski trip, you must make sure that your boots are properly furred. For this you can ask a professional or even the seller's opinion, because surely he already knows the quality of his goods.


If you want your shoes to keep you warm, it is best that your shoes are made of leather. Indeed, leather has the property to let perspiration escape through its pores, which will allow your feet to breathe and it also ensures comfort. But if the leather shoes are also made of rubber or plastic then these shoes are even more useful. Rubber and plastic prevent water from getting into your shoes and thus protect your leather and also protect your feet at the same time. It's also best if your shoes are high heels, which means they cover the ankles. This way, your ankles will not be exposed to the cold drafts. For socks, you need socks that keep you warm.


It is obvious that the obvious choice is boots. You can choose the models according to your taste. Knee-high boots are boots that reach up to your calf. They protect your feet and your legs at the same time. Booties are high boots that cover the ankles and stop at the beginning of the leg. Unlike knee pads, they do not cover the legs. But both are still in style today. The important thing is that your shoes protect your feet and that the soles are thick and high. If your soles are high then your feet will not be in direct contact with the ground and snow. It is also best if the soles have thermal insulating properties like aluminum. So the cold underneath your shoes will not affect your feet which will always stay warm.  Alternatively, you can put skates under your soles as another alternative against the cold. To summarize, the best thing to do is to wear shoes designed for snow to not only give you warmth despite the cold, but also to give you comfort. Because walking on snow with classic shoes or sneakers is not really comfortable, not really warm and far from being practical.
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