What shoes to choose when you have sensitive feet?

Do you always feel cramped in your shoes? Or on the contrary, you have feet that float causing irritations that prevent you from spending a good day or a pleasant evening? You do have sensitive feet. To remedy this, you need to wear the right shoes.


Let's face it! Women have a boundless passion for shoes. High heels, open toe, atypical shapes, this accessory embellishes an outfit and imposes the style. Nevertheless, wearing the most beautiful shoes doesn't necessarily mean that you can't move around in them without pain or constraint. That's why you should choose shoes for sensitive feet if you want to put all the chances on your side to feel perfectly comfortable. For example, if you have a particular penchant for vertiginous heels, you probably feel this attraction because you want to show off your legs. But how are you going to do that if your gait is not attractive and feminine and you look like you are limping. It is not for nothing that the expression "to be well in one's shoes" designates, beyond physical well-being, a mental and emotional comfort.


Having wide feet is a very common form of sensitivity, especially since with the fashion for sneakers, women have ended up putting aside their heels and their beautiful ballerinas. Among the shoes for sensitive feet, we find those specially designed for this type of morphology. Made of soft and flexible materials, they fit the shape of your feet without creating the crushing effect of ordinary models. However, you should stay away from open shoes such as slingbacks that leave your toes visible. Instead, choose closed shoes with elastics or laces that you can adjust according to how you feel. Boots and ankle boots also have the advantage of providing good support that will help you better secure your wide feet and help you move around more comfortably.


When we talk about fragile feet, we think directly of the shape of the foot: large, wide, thin... However, you can perfectly well have a problem with your feet that is not related to morphology. Skin problems can be the cause of the uncomfortable feeling you get when you wear your shoes for a long time. If you recognize yourself in this description, it is strongly advised to opt for shoes for fragile feet such as anatomical models designed to take care of your toes in all circumstances.
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